Newtown to Maynooth 2020 – Term 2

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Term starting 24 February 2020 - 3rd April 2020

Spring Term 2020 part 2

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

Newtown/Maynooth 2020 Spring

Payments for this term must be paid in full before Friday 21st of February 2020

Tickets will be issued on that date

Terms & Conditions

  1. No pupil will be allowed to travel without a current valid Ticket.
  2. Any application for a refund where a ticket has been purchased and received but is then not required, must be submitted online and the Ticket must be returned to your Erin Tours (with the exception of those who cannot be catered for due to lack of accommodation).
  3. In the event that the Ticket is mislaid, there is a charge for a replacement ticket. This charge can be paid online and a replacement ticket will be issued upon receipt.
  4. School Transport Travel Tickets are not transferable.
  5. School Transport Travel Tickets must be carried at all times when travelling and must be produced for inspection by the driver.
  6. Tickets are only valid for travel between the locations indicated on the ticket.
  7. Tickets may only be used for travel to and from school on school days during the School Term.

The Terms & Conditions which apply to the purchase of tickets issued under this School Transport Scheme may be amended at any time at the discretion of Erin Tours.

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.