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Erin Tours helps you plan your tour, student travel, transport, outings and events.

Tailor Made Tours and Excursions for Schools and Private organizations

Erin Tours are a leading provider of planned trip and journey management for schools and colleges throughout Ireland. We work closely with educators to ensure that student travel is a seamless and hassle free experience for both the student and educational body. What ever your student travel needs, Erin Tours can arrange pick up and drop off to schools, student accommodation and airports. Whether it is private hire for local School runs or Students visiting from overseas for Summer schools, Erin Tours can take care of it all.


Dedicated Route Planning

Many of our clients rely on us to provide route planning and Erin Tours can facilitate student travel to schools from Host family locations and can provide dedicated Route Planning to ensure that everyone starts safely on time. Students will be made aware of close-at-hand pick up points and pick up times on prescribed routes and returned to them at the end of the school day.

We also provide for extra curricular school trips to fit within the educator's time frame.